“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” - Benjamin Franklin

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Trying to Get Better...

I seem to have fallen off the wagon... again!  Sorry, life has been a bit hectic lately.

Let's recap:
1. Last week I got sick and partially lost my voice, actually took a sick day, and taught more days than I should have while sick.  Teachers do crazy things for their kids, including not take care of themselves.
2. Last weekend we had our family Christmas party.  Yes, we always do it waaay after Christmas so that everyone can make it.  I love seeing my extended family and watching how we are growing each year.
3. Last Monday I interviewed for a new position (a promotion) and then received word on Tuesday that I got it!!!!  Crazy, whirlwind right now while I transition.  Next Friday will actually be my last day with my kids then I switch schools and take on my new job.  More on that will come when I'm there!
4. I failed at my long run.  I didn't want to talk about it when it happened, but I attempted 17 miles as part of my marathon training about 2 weeks ago and failed. 

More on my long run fail:

Before New Year's was the weekend I was scheduled to do my longest run.  EVER.  I had completed 15 miles 2 weeks prior, but now with family visits and what not, I was unable to train like I had been.  But when a run of 17 miles is looming on the horizon,  you do what you need to do.  Saturday had lots of things going on and snow/rain/sleet, so I decided on a Sunday run, which is becoming my normal.  Well, Sunday brought about a new wrench to throw in my plans.

When I woke up on that particular Sunday, I could hear the wind gusting against the house.  We have new siding and windows, we shouldn't hear wind gusting and insane weather like I was hearing it.  But, alas, I said I'd run, so run I shall.

So I set out for my run.  I decided to start where I normally start, but change up the course a bit, heading in both directions instead of just one.  It was actually smart, since I'd be able to "vary" the wind direction a bit throughout the distance.  Mind you, I never checked the wind speeds, so I was unaware of how bad it actually was.

Well, I started out moving SLOW.  I knew right away that I had started way slower than I wanted to, but figured a run was all I needed, speed wasn't going to matter.  When I hit about mile 11 I realize that birds weren't flying, and when they tried, they were going backwards.  Birds shouldn't be flying backwards.  And when they are, you shouldn't be running, apparently.  By mile 12 I was ready to cry.  My knee was hurting, which had never happened before, and I didn't feel like I could go on.  At mile 13.5, I cracked.  I couldn't go on.  I felt like an absolute failure, but I called Dear and asked him to come pick me up at the next parking area I'd pass.  After I got off the phone I walked another 1/2 mile, almost in tears the entire way, and then waited.

So why did I crack?  Wind is a brutal force, my friends.  When I got home I was watching the weather and they said that they wind gusts all day were 50mph.  Umm, yeah.  After that I realized I was even insane for attempting it, let alone making it 14 miles.  I started to feel stronger and have come to terms with the fact that I failed.  Some even pointed out that I worked way harder to do that 14 than I would have for my 17 on a normal day.

My problem?  I had trouble getting back out there.  Last weekend, 2 weeks later, I finally made it out for a run.  I was sick, I had family events, and other things, but definitely could have made time to run before then.  But, I was scared I couldn't do it.  Well, I can.  And I will.  This weekend I'm attempting 17 again, and I've reworked my training plan.  Because I didn't get to do the 17 I have decided to retry it and make some adjustments to my training schedule.  Because I felt some knee pain I wanted to try again instead of just chugging on.  I'm not injured, my knee was fine for the 7 on Sunday, so I'm good, but want to make sure I don't hurt myself.  Tomorrow marks 2 months until the marathon!
 Foggy, foggy run. It was definitely peaceful, but not really time to stop and enjoy the scenery.
If you know me, you know my irrational fear of geese.  I hated that there were soooo many floating around on Sunday in the fog.  Just creepy!

What's the craziest weather you've run in?


  1. I can't imagine running in that kind of wind! You're awesome that you were able to do over 13 in that!! The most I've run is 15, I will attempt 16 this weekend! The craziest weather I've run in was at my last half marathon. It was a a downpour of rain, as well as sleet. It was crazy! Surprisingly I still got an 18 min. PR!

    1. Good luck with your 16! Sleet is rough, I think I'd chicken out :( I am hoping it's not raining this weekend for my 2nd attempt at 17.