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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Fantastic Day!


The day that I'll be in love with forever.  It happens once a century, I might as well enjoy it.

Truth is, I woke up dreading today.  I wasn't able to sleep last night, I kept waking up freaking out.  Today was... OBSERVATION DAY.  Every teacher knows that when they're being evaluated they need to be observed.  I have no doubts that I love what I do and that I'm pretty good at it, but I freak out every time somebody needs to come in and see me.  There are so many what if's involved.
  • What if my kids don't get it?
  • What if my kids talk too much?
  • What if they ask the wrong kid a question and they can't answer it?
  • What if somebody asks me a question I can't answer?
But seriously, hello stress.

My kids were amazing today.  As all of you were once twelve, you understand that life as a 12 year old is quite... interesting.  Add some algebra into that mix and well, yeah.  You understand that it could be recipe for disaster.  I had to teach them algebra today and somehow, I'm going with because I'm amazing, it was PERFECT. They were all on task and engaged, they kept having those amazing "ah-ha" moments so everyone knew it, and they were proud of themselves.  I couldn't be more proud of them.  Love those kiddos.

So after that I was pretty much on cloud nine.  Only to then get this email:
Hello, perfect day.  I'll definitely be enjoying my run through DC in April that caps off with a Tiffany Necklace!  Never thought I'd be excited about that little blue box, but I'll have earned it!  Nike is a dream race, along with a Disney race (which will one day happen).

Do you have any dream races?

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  1. I ran when i was much younger....in my twenties. I loved the rythum of my feet hitting the pavement. I was not fast .... just happy. Now, i think i would need a coach... just not to overdo it.. as i am in my sixties, but still 17 in my head. I envy you for taking the time to enjoy it and get really good at it. Kudos to you!